At Contour we are always looking of ways to maximise a sleek design.  The popularity of handleless kitchens has sored over the last 10 years not only because handleless creates a contemporary space, but also because of the space saving and safety benefits they bring.  No handles means less clutter on the front of a unit and there's nothing to catch clothes or bump into. 

We frequently incorporate appliances without handles to achieve clean lines and a seemless finish.  Many appliance manufacturers cater for handleless with touch opening doors or grip rail opening.

There are potentially some negative considerations such as finger marks, however the lacquer technology from Leicht is constantly being developed and improved.  Doors such as the carbon grey mat finished Bondi launched this year is highly resistant to finger prints.

Another important consideration is the timeless quality of handleless.  The lack of decorative ornate features are reminiscent of early 20th century Bauhaus design where simplicity and functionality were fundamental elements in the design process.  Incorporating these into our kitchen spaces makes them less likely to date which is surely a major benefit of a handless kitchen


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01242 221196

1a Queen's Circus, Montpellier, Cheltenham, GL50 1RX