The Flex is the latest innovation from Quooker. A boiling-water tap, equipped with a flexible pull out hose for hot, cold and filtered cold water which we believe will see the dimise of the domestic kettle as we know it. The hose makes it very easy to rinse and clean at any point in the sink giving it clear advantages over other boiling taps. 

Extremely safe

Thanks to the boiling-water stop, the Flex will not dispense boiling water when the pull out hose is engaged. In order to get boiling water, you must also first use the (double)-push-and-turn handle. The insulated spout and fine aerated spray ensure no risk of scalding or burning.

Innovative design

The Quooker Flex is available in a round style and can be finished in polished chrome or true stainless steel. This tap is also available with a cold water filter option built in to the push and turn function.

We use Quooker taps every day in the studio to make drinks for our customers and the whole team agree that it is undoubtably a must have item in today's modern kitchen.  Do call in to the studio for a demomonstration.