As the big day draws near we seem to be inundated with advice on how to cook your turkey but what about the best way to carve  it once the hard work has been done?  Below is our three step fool proof guide on how to create a heavenly platter for your Christmas table.

If you're laking in carving confidence or catering for a large party you may find it easier to carve in the solace of the kitchen away from the Christmas table.  Make sure your serving plate is in the warming drawer well in advance and choose to carve away from open windows or draughts if possible.  

Step 1 

Remove the legs from the bird by cutting through the skin that attaches the leg to the body. Pull the thigh outwards slightly and then cut through the joint.   Separate the drumstick from the thigh by putting your knife into the joint and twisting it.  At this point you can either serve the drumsticks whole or carve them into slices for guests who like dark meat.

Step 2

At the base of the breast, cut in towards the breast bone.  Then starting at the neck end cut even slices continuing until you reach the breast bone removing the wish bone when you reach it.

Step 3

Repeat this on the other side of the bird and serve immediately.

xmas table.jpg


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