Food wastage is a problem that affects most of us.  An average family of four will throw away on average £700 a year of unwanted food.  Reducing the amount of food that ends up in the bin not only saves you money but also helps slows down global warming and reduce deforestation.  

What can be done?

Remembering to shop mindfully by avoiding tempting offers such as  "buy one get one free" and being more disciplined on freezing any leftovers are good habits to try and maintain as they can help reduce the amount of waste we produce.  Also the latest cooling technology assists greatly when it comes to prolonging the life of our shopping.  

Siemens appliances fitted with HyperFresh technology and Neff fridges with Freshsafe, work by providing the optimum environment for fresh food.  The temperature and humidity is regulated and helps keeps food fresher for up to three times longer.

The hyper fresh drawer keeps fish and meat in ideal conditions at near 0 degrees and the separate compartments avoids any odour transfer.  Delicate items such as salad leaves stay edible for longer and have an extended shelf life.

For more information visit the Contour studio or visit the Siemens website

For more on how to reduce food wast please visit the Love Food Hate Waste website