If you’re looking for a distinctive kitchen design, finding ways to inject your personality into it is one of the best ways to achieve this. There is little more unique than incorporating your favourite styles, colours, textures and décor in one place – and it is by doing this that you can truly express your passions and personal qualities through interior design.


If you’re uncertain about what designs you’d like to use, Pinterest and Houzz have plenty of pictures for design inspiration that you can use to build a mood board. Mood boards are the perfect way to find out the styles that you really like, which you can then use in the designing process.

Colour can often be something difficult to get right, especially if you aren’t sure what you’re after. The first and perhaps most obvious tip is to choose a colour that you love before incorporating this into your kitchen design. If your favourite colour is a bold one but you prefer a minimalistic design, then you may wish to go for neutral-coloured walls but add in pops of colour through appliances and décor pieces. Alternatively, if your favourite colour is purple and you’re after a modern yet loud kitchen design, why not set aside a beautiful signature shade for a feature wall?

Colour can also be used to reflect your personality by choosing colours for a desired effect. For example, red makes for a vibrant atmosphere, whilst orange boasts energy and open-mindedness. Contrarily, green creates a calming environment whilst blue promotes spirituality.

A great way to be unique in your designs is by playing around with themes and combining contrasting ones. For example, if you live in a modern city flat/apartment, there’s nothing to stop you from incorporating country-themed designs into your kitchen area; whether that’s by including more wooden furniture or antique pieces. This adds a sense of individuality, whilst adding something a little different. Similarly, if you live in a country-themed house, you can add in modern touches to your kitchen design through pendant lighting, stone flooring, handle-less cabinetry and copper finishes.

It’s often difficult to strike a balance between adding in items which reflect your hobbies whilst still retaining a stylish, coherent design. This can be done, however – and is a great way to inject life into your kitchen. If you’ve got an old record player you’d like to incorporate, why not add a splash of paint to match it to your colour scheme? Alternatively, if your hobby is reading, you might consider investing in a multi-functional kitchen island with extra open-shelving storage – or alternatively, adding some textured shelves to your walls so that you can display your favourite books.

It’s also important to consider the purpose of your kitchen. If you’d like your kitchen to be a sociable and open space, why not add a peninsula that can be used as a breakfast bar? If you’re working with a small kitchen, a mirrored splashback is an ideal way to both make your kitchen appear larger and add a design statement to the kitchen. If you’re a passionate chef and love creating recipes, you may consider an open-shelving wall where you can store all of your favourite cookware and sources of food inspiration.

Here at Contour, we can help to fill the gap between creating a kitchen that truly reflects you as a person whilst trying to incorporate timeless and stylish designs. To speak to one of our designers, come and visit us in store.