Designing the perfect kitchen can be like trying to find the perfect job, car or even holiday - there is a lot to consider before you start and everyone's list of requirements are unique.

It’s important to first take into account some of the more basic points, like size, budget and theme. Each of these will ultimately lead into the other, so firming up the basics can help in the planning process, resulting in a beautiful kitchen designed just for you. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to consider when taking the first steps in planning your ultimate kitchen space:



Some designers will ask your budget upfront. For many, this then allows them to produce an upfront and more accurate quote tailored to your specific needs.  It also helps the designer make decisions on  details such as furniture range, appliance brands and worktop choice, especially if the client doesn't have any strong preferences.

The wish list

Consider what you need from your kitchen and what you want it to offer you – is it just a place to cook in or a space to spend time in too? A kitchen should be practical as well as stylish. At Contour, we pride ourselves on being able to marry functionality and comfort, creating unique spaces in which the family can come together to cook, eat, socialise and relax. Create a wish list, down to the smallest details, e.g. storage space, where you’d like things to be positioned within the space etc. Starting with a list of your key aims can be hugely beneficial in the first stages of the design process as you develop a kitchen that works for you. 



One of the biggest factors affecting the design of any kitchen is space, as this determines not only your wish list but also the design and lay-out you can hope to achieve. But whether space is on your side or not, by utilising every inch of your kitchen, you can still ensure you have all you need and hopefully a little of what you want too. A good designer will work to the space they’re given, so don’t be put off for asking for things, even if you think space is limited. You don’t ask, you don’t get. 


Over the years, the kitchen has shifted away from being the room at the back of the house where cooking takes place, to truly becoming the heart of the home – a place where friends and family gather not just to eat, but also where people gather to socialise and relax.

So, for many, choosing the style and theme of their perfect kitchen is the most important, and the most exciting part of the design process. Yes, there are always new and popular trends in the kitchen world, but there is no right or wrong style, so don’t be scared to infuse your kitchen with your personality. 

Here at Contour Kitchens, we house a contemporary collection of Leicht kitchens that showcase the very best of German engineering and design, demonstrate the latest interior trends and almost limitless possibilities. So, we pride ourselves on listening to and working with our customers to ensure they receive an elegant, bold and hard-working design, unique to them. 

Redesigning any part of your home is an exciting journey, especially the kitchen, so we hope these tips will help give you a kick start and prove that anything is possible. If you’d like more advice or information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to help.