In recent blog posts, we’ve looked at how the kitchen has evolved over time and the growing trends for 2018 but, having looked at kitchens past and present, it’s time for us to take a peek at the kitchen of the future.


It’s difficult to guess the specifics, but if this year’s growing trends of neutral, earthy colours, Silestone and Dekton worktops and copper accessories are anything to go by, we start to envision a kitchen that is both hard-working and homely – a space that maximises practicality but doesn’t compromise on comfort and beauty.


But to imagine a kitchen 10 years from now, for instance, we first have to look at people’s habits in the kitchen today. One of the biggest shifts in recent times has been the push towards utilising space.


One of the most popular ways to achieve this is through digital or ‘smart’ technology. At Contour, we’re proud to collaborate with some of the most prestigious kitchen appliance brands, including Gaggenau, Siemens, Neff and Bora.


Their luxury appliances are not only functional and of the highest quality, but help to make cooking easier, quicker and all-inclusive.


Compact steam ovens, such as Neff’s range of built-in FullSteam ovens, combine all the heating modes of a full-featured oven with those of a steam oven, in one single appliance.


While Siemens’ ‘Home Connect App’ allows you to manage a variety of kitchen appliances from wherever you are via the touch of a button on your tablet or phone.



These brands, along with others, are constantly pursuing creative, innovative designs that will save valuable time and space in the kitchen. It would seem, therefore, convergence is key in future kitchen concepts.


In fact, a recent report by the Silestone Institution, which draws on knowledge from 17 distinguished experts from the worlds of design, cooking, domestic technology, sociology, nutrition and sustainability, found that the kitchen is likely to become even more hyper-connected, sustainable and multi-functional in the future.


Entitled ‘Global Kitchen: the home kitchen in the era of globalisation’, the report found that smart appliances are likely to continue down the path of multi-functionality where furniture, such as worktops, can cook, make calls, broadcast TV and provide access to the internet. Worktops may even contain databases of recipes where chefs can guide you through the process!


Overall, the emerging reality of tomorrow’s kitchen is a neutral-coloured space controlled by WiFi-enabled smart appliances, that converge to allow for a seamless, more streamlined lifestyle.