This month, our Junior Designer, Alex, tells all about her average day at Contour.


What is your name and role at Contour?

Alex B & W.JPG

 My name is Alex, and I’m the Junior Designer at Contour. My role is to produce the initial kitchen designs and to organise visual information for customers and trades accordingly.

Tell us about your background, and how you got to where you are now.

 Whilst studying a BA (Hons) in Interior Design, I worked on various projects with the Architecture Centre in Bristol, where I helped local communities build their social spaces. Alongside my studies, I worked as the designer for an independent kitchen company who specialised in traditional handmade cabinetry.

What are your favourite parts of the job?

 My favourite parts of working at Contour and using Leicht cabinetry is that I get to use an array of skills, such as architectural planning, graphic design and interior design. However, I also enjoy the practical elements of measuring an empty space and making it beautiful.

Tell us about your favourite kitchen project that you’ve worked on.

 My first kitchen was my favourite! It was a very small kitchen in a small property that turned out to have a massive impact. By knocking through one internal wall, we expanded their storage considerably and made their kitchen a feature of their living room and garden. It was nice to see the customer get excited about the demolition (that they hadn’t initially factored in!) which rejuvenated and modernised their 1960s property.

Do you have any top kitchen tips when re-designing or re-furbishing a kitchen?

Kitchen design merges considerably with interior design. My top tip would be to put your ‘interior design head’ on and not only think practically, but conceptually. Your kitchen needs to bring a sense of atmosphere to your home. Ensure your designer knows and becomes familiar with the way that you operate in your kitchen – as well as your personality, lifestyle and hobbies. This way, the designer can help create that perfect ambience for you with use of lighting, colours, textures and cabinet functionalities.

Currently, what is the most popular kitchen trend amongst your customers?

As even more kitchens become open-plan, customers are wanting to blend their kitchens with their home and lifestyle. In terms of materials, customers are now starting to play with more textures in their kitchen, which interact more with the senses whilst also working to soften the room. We are also seeing an increase in the use of smart home devices, such as the Home Connect. This is where customers are able to control their appliances with the use of a mobile phone app and the Amazon Alexa, helping them to organise their home life in advance.

Finally, what makes Contour so unique?

The customer journey is our focus. Our aim is to make the process of designing a new kitchen a stress free experience, whilst filling the space full of innovative designs for living.