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Induction cooking is becoming more widespread and with many clients choosing this method of cooking over gas powered hobs, here are some things you should consider when choosing a cook top.

1. Induction is one of the most efficient cooking methods available, combining speed and accurate control.  Induction hobs have a strong electromagnets positioned underneath the surface of the glass.  When a ferrous ( Iron) metal pan is placed on the hob, a circuit is created allowing a rapid and even transfer of heat to the contents of the pan.  Speed is one of the most noticeable advantages when using an induction hob.  For example, a pan of water will reach boiling point almost twice as fast as a gas hob. 

2. Many models contain a flex zone, this means the cooking area can be tailored to your needs making it easier to use oversize pans such as fish kettles, woks and casserole dishes.  This can be the whole of the hob or a designated area that can take a variety of pan sizes.  On certain models several pans can be placed anywhere on the flex zone and used at the same time making Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner a breeze.

3. Venting hobs are becoming more and more popular.  A venting hob is one that has powerful integrated extraction.  Usually placed centrally down the middle of the hob, this space saving, easy to clean technology means that cooking vapors and grease are extracted at the source resulting in greater efficiency.  More of our clients are choosing a venting hobs over the traditional wall, ceiling or downdraft extractors.

Another advantage of a venting hob is the flexibility provided when considering its positioning.  More traditional forms of extraction require the hob to be placed in front of a wall however, because a venting hob can be positioned almost anywhere in the kitchen, the designer can maximise the space and offer the client more layout options.

4. Cleaning an induction hob is quick and simple as it consists of one piece of glass.  Also, as there aren’t any heavy cast iron pan supports to remove, it is far easier to clean grease marks and spills.  The cooktop gets hot but won’t scald like a gas flame and any areas of glass around the cooking zones remain cool to the touch meaning spills tend not to get burnt to the surface.

Many of the extraction components of venting hobs are compatible for cleaning in the dishwasher making the cook zone a far more hygienic area.

5. Induction hobs offer excellent control as the cooking zones heat up remarkably quickly which is a major benefit for most busy households.  These hobs are also very responsive and will cool down rapidly if the temperature is decreased.  When a pan is removed from the cook zone, the circuit is broken and the heat will quickly dissipate.

6. Many models have in-built safety features and smart technology meaning the hob can recognise the smooth flat base of a pan.  This prevents things like metal spoons or utensils being heated by accident.  When in use, only the base of the pan heats up meaning that far more precise amounts of energy are used, making induction cooking cost effective and efficient.

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Here at Contour we have a range of Induction, flex induction and venting induction hobs from premium suppliers including Gaggenau, Bora, Siemens and Neff.  If you would like a demonstration of our products, please get in touch and talk to one of our team.