The dictionary definition of the word “contemporary” is; existing or happening now, of the present time; modern:   

When applying the term contemporary to kitchen design we think of quiet minimal spaces with clean lines and uncomplicated decoration.  The benefits of a contemporary kitchen design are many, they are easier to keep clean, appear uncluttered on the eye and have high levels of functionality for the user.

Contemporary style kitchen

Contemporary style kitchen

Best use of space

Contemporary designs make best use of the space and whilst they suit large open plan areas, space saving additions such as pull-outs and larder systems make a contemporary kitchen viable in almost any size of kitchen.  Functionality is key and the limitless options for storage make it much easier to maintain a clutter free look.   

Sleek kitchen doors

Kitchen cabinet doors often consist of a flat panel and at Contour our range of Leicht kitchens include smooth or textured lacquers, laminates and beautiful wood veneers.  This gives our designers many options and a vast colour pallet to work with.

Handle-less kitchens

The modern kitchen frequently incorporates handle-less furniture into the overall design scheme and here in our kitchen showroom in Cheltenham there are many examples of this design feature.  The lack of handles and other ornate decoration within a contemporary kitchen makes the space appear bigger and achieves an elegant, sleek look.

Built-in appliances

In order to achieve clean lines, appliances are typically built-in and work together in harmony with the cabinetry.  Ovens are often aligned in a landscape, portrait or quad configuration and seamlessly blend into the furniture.  Sometimes a kitchen designer will choose to hide the appliances all together by placing ovens behind a pocket door system and choosing fully integrated fridges, freezers and dishwashers.   

Contemporary and Modern kitchen design is at the heart of what we do.  In order to see more examples of our work, visit our houzz profile, social channels or projects page.  We look forward to welcoming you to our kitchen showroom in Cheltenham.