A large kitchen design is a haven for social gatherings, event hosting and spending quality time with the family. They are social hubs that offer bountiful space and encompass a family-oriented atmosphere.

There are multiple benefits of going big with your kitchen design, and below we’ve detailed some of the reasons why more people are:


A big kitchen design will ultimately create an open space that can be streamlined to your taste. It gives the designer an opportunity to create different zones such as a space to prep, somewhere to perch with a coffee or perhaps a place to kick back and relax after all the hard work is complete.

The more space, the more opportunity - but also the bigger margin for error. Working with a designer is crucial in order to avoid an empty looking room. You could add an expansive island or peninsula. A breakfast bar, for example, further embraces the functionality and social vibe of the kitchen.

Walk-in pantries and wine fridges are also popular choices as they utilise space and make great visual show pieces, and with the clever use of lighting, the appropriate atmosphere can be created as the use of the space changes throughout the day.

But, whilst it can be easy to fill large spaces, you need to make sure appliances, furniture and features all converge into a seamless, flawless design.


As already mentioned, the kitchen is a social hub where activities with friends, family and guests occur daily. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so the bigger the room, the bigger the heart.

A large kitchen provides a fantastic platform for entertaining, whether it be a dinner party, time with family or even formal meetings.

Hosting dinner parties in an expansive kitchen allows you to interact with your guests whilst showcasing your culinary skills, enabling you to truly command the evening in a space you can be proud of.

Not only will the kitchen become a hub of social connectivity, but it will become the go-to room of the house. If something is happening – it’s happening in the kitchen.


A large kitchen is more able to adopt darker colours and styles without compromising the appearance of space. You can get away with embracing warmer colours such as cayenne, sand grey or earthy coppers, knowing there is already enough space and natural light to carry it off.

Lighter pallets are equally successful as they reflect light and therefore maximise the feeling of space. The colour choices really are endless, thus allowing you to be more creative and explore styles and themes without any limitations.

Creating a multi-purpose space

The trend for open-plan spaces in the home continues to be as popular as ever and building an extension to increase internal space, or simply knocking down walls, is a regular occurrence in kitchen/living planning.

Creating a larger kitchen by combining two separate rooms maximises multi-functionality and encourages social gatherings.

Here at Contour, our designers work very closely with customers from the moment they walk through our studio doors till the moment they sit back and relax in their new kitchens.

And it’s through these close relationships that we’re able to design kitchens of all shapes and sizes, all of which offer a space truly designed for living.