Gaggenau is a premium kitchen appliance company that we’re proud to say we work with. From coffee machines, dishwashers and extractors, to more commonplace appliances such as ovens and refrigerators, Gaggenau’s commitment to product quality means their appliances are examined at each stage of production, ensuring that any imperfections are dealt with – creating a product that is premium in both its functionality and aesthetics.


Gaggenau is well known for its unique innovations, having built an exceptional reputation through a heritage that stretches as far back as 1683. By regularly working with professional chefs, Gaggenau bases its designs on the advice of those with expert knowledge, aiming to create appliances that are both easy to use and deliver professional results. A firm favourite of architects and designers, Gaggenau provides high quality products to both home and industrial environments, and is also well known for its excellent customer aftercare, where it ensures its high standards are maintained.

At the very beginning of production, the main focus is on function. Before moving onto the next stage, Gaggenau craftsmen ensure that the appliance performs exceptionally and unfailingly. The appliances are also designed to fit seamlessly into a kitchen, adapting to your chosen design and layout - the 400 series dishwashers, for example, slide effortlessly back into your kitchen cabinet, maximising the available space in your kitchen. The push-open door replaces the standard handles, adding a sleek yet functional touch. With a multitude of washing options, including the potential for Home Connect and light projection, these dishwashers create both a modern yet efficient washing-up experience.

Offering a variety of combination options, Gaggenau’s cooktops can be customised to suit individual cooking styles and needs. Since everybody has different cooking preferences, Gaggenau has designed an alternative to the one-size-fits-all oven. The customer has the choice of combining different types of cooktops, such as a gas wok alongside a standard gas cooktop, or an induction hob placed next to a steamer or ventilation appliance. These cooktops from the Vario 400 range are one of a kind, allowing the user to make the most out of their cooking space.

Gaggenau’s coffee machines provide the ultimate coffee-making experience. Each machine has the potential to prepare and make every variety of coffee drink that the consumer prefers, as well as having enough memory to store eight unique drink combinations for future use. With a constant water supply, there’s no need to keep refilling the water tank. These machines provide a coffee-making experience with a difference, preparing each coffee drink to perfection.

Gaggenau is regarded as one of the world’s leading appliance brands. Offering premium products, their iconic designs add a stylish touch to each kitchen, and combined with German engineering, will modernise any workspace. To see more of the products available from Gaggenau, click here.