Whether you have plans to re-design your kitchen from scratch or just tweak a few features, it’s important that the finished article compliments your use of the space.


There are bountiful kitchen designs to choose from and each element should benefit those using it. Some people wrongly believe that their kitchen design should mirror the style of their home; for example, a rustic design in a cottage or a sleek and technology-driven design in a new-build. But it’s OK to cherry-pick elements from both traditional and modern designs – as long as it enhances your kitchen experience. Some of our most striking projects have been when the client chooses to put a contemporary handle-less kitchen into a period home.

The space you have at your disposal is crucial, however, and can dictate the layout. If you have a small, light-deprived space to work with, then a design that features a light and reflective colour palette can bring an airy vibrancy, while a matte finish is much better suited to designs where bright natural light blankets the kitchen.

Size also plays a big part in the design. If your kitchen is small, a streamlined design is the best option to fully utilise the space. Larger kitchens offer more in terms of incorporating a variety of features which wouldn’t be possible in smaller designs. For instance, an island is an effective way of utilising space in a large kitchen design, as it encourages the kitchen to be used as an area to eat, relax, socialise and entertain.

Ultimately, before you begin turning your dream kitchen design into a reality, think about how it should benefit your lifestyle.

Lifestyle factors should play a big part in the overall design. For instance, if you have small children or grandchildren running around, chances are you’ll constantly be wiping away mess made by their sticky fingers! If this is the case, it might be worth avoiding high-gloss and shiny surfaces.

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen cooking, careful consideration should be made on how space is needed for preparation and storage. Gaggenau, Siemens, Neff and Bora appliances can make cooking a more fun and easy experience whilst bringing modern luxury to the kitchen. Cutting-edge technology is aesthetically pleasing in a modern and slick kitchen design, but you if opt for a more traditional layout, appliances can be hidden away or integrated into the design itself with handle-less drawers.

Food lovers also need to ensure storage is maximised without creating an area that looks bulky and messy. But if you have plentiful vertical space in the room, then extra height cabinetry can offer storage for items used less often like seasonal plates and dishes. As long as the design keeps with a certain theme through complimenting materials and colours, extra storage units won’t disrupt the kitchen’s visually pleasing atmosphere.

At Contour, we’re proud to be at the forefront of designing luxury kitchens that marry functionality and comfort. As the heart and soul of the home, we understand the importance of designing a kitchen that works for you; a kitchen for living.

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