The kitchen is arguably the most central point in the home, being where families cook together, eat together and socialise. Therefore, designing it in a way that reflects your personal style whilst maintaining a family friendly yet functional space is what everybody should aim for.

Kitchen Trends 2018.jpg


The colour palette for 2018 remains largely with a spectrum of grey shades, alongside a pop of pastel colour. Warm neutrals, such as nude or stone, are also popular shades; particularly when combined with gold accents, such as gold drawer handles.


Rose gold is a colour which has gained popularity over the past year and has increasingly been seen around the home. Rose gold pairs beautifully with marble and neutral colours such as white and grey. The veining pattern is currently on trend, particularly in Silestone and Dekton colours (see here for examples). This cafetiere from Trouva is the perfect rose gold accessory to introduce this colour into your kitchen.


Kitchens are also becoming smarter, with recently developed technology that means you can control music and lighting with the touch of a button, as well as cooking appliances. In order to enhance your healthy eating, you can now purchase combi-steam ovens, like this one from Gaggenau. The steam used to cook your food helps to retain moisture and those important vitamins and minerals.


Boiling the kettle and waiting for ice cubes to be made are now a thing of the past. With zip water’s hydrotaps, you can choose from chilled, boiling or even sparkling water within seconds just by the touch of a button. Browse here to see the range.


If you often read recipes from your mobile phone, you no longer need to worry about the charge running out during cooking. You can now purchase charging surfaces that can power up any solid work surface. This wireless charging point can charge mobile phones or small tablets. With no cables involved, you can enjoy a safer and tidier cooking experience. See the Corian Design website for more information.


Enjoyable cooking also comes with having an odour-free kitchen. The recently developed venting hobshave built-in extractors powerfully remove steam, cooking odours, fat and grease. Siemens have recently introduced a range of venting hobs, which you can browse here. A bulky extractor is not the most aesthetically pleasing accessory for a kitchen, and so whilst being efficient and functional, the built-in extractor helps to keep your kitchen looking modern and streamlined.


Texture is also increasingly popular and is something that can be added by including contrasting materials such as wooden tables and breakfast bars or perhaps by the use of a tiled splashback. There is a trend for matte finish geometric shapes at the moment, these can simply blend in with a neutral colour scheme or make a statement in your kitchen. Help to protect your walls by fitting contemporary tiles at the back of your hob; any cooking splashes can then easily be wiped away. Tiling in white, grey or stone are particularly current in 2018.