At Contour, we passionately believe the kitchen is the new living room. Our luxury, bespoke designs create an area for families and friends to relax, cook and socialise, thus making the kitchen the heart and soul of the home.

So, to us, yes, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It’s where the day both begins and ends, whether it be preparing something to eat or bonding with family.

Here are some of our top reasons why the kitchen is the focal point of the home:


Most used room in the house

Open-plan kitchens provide a communal area where families can spend quality time together. Gone are the days where the kitchen was used just for cooking. It’s now a social hub where we meet and greet friends and relax with family. It’s also where most of our fondest memories with loved ones stem from.



Where skills are crafted

Kitchens are a haven for learning, whether it be experimenting on a new dish, trying your hand at a recipe passed down from your grandmother or preparing to host a large dinner party.

The kitchen is the school of the home and is even where children first learn to start helping around the house. It keeps the mind young and gives us experiences of pride, excitement and fun, no matter how old we are.


Where memories are made

A mentioned earlier, the kitchen is the place where we remember the good times. When we think back to cherished times spent with family growing up, more often than not those memories took place in the kitchen.

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It offers everything

Most rooms in a house have a specific purpose, but the kitchen is probably the only room where you can do just about anything.

The relaxation and downtime associated with the living room has now shifted towards the kitchen, while the working, writing and reading that is often associated with the study, is now also commonplace in the kitchen.

It may sound cliché, but the kitchen really does offer the perfect place for everything, from entertaining guests to winding down after a long day at work. 


At Contour, we create kitchens that blend both comfort and functionality, offering a space truly designed for living.