Our sales designer, Jon, tells us about his day-to-day role at Contour.

What is your name and role at Contour? I’m Jon Howes – a sales designer responsible for customer-facing operations, which range from initial contact and design through to the full completion of projects.


Tell us about your background and how you got to where you are now. I have previously worked in furniture design and design management, as well as design education. I have worked in the home interior decorations and renovation industry since the late 1990s.

What are your favourite parts of the job? I thoroughly enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people, including the people I work with on a daily basis as well as customers. I also have a passion for producing designs and services that exceed the expectations of the client, in addition to seeing jobs that I have worked hard for being completed.

What are your dislikes of the job? Tasks being left unfinis….(!)

Tell us about your favourite kitchen project that you’ve worked on. I really enjoy working on projects where the client is open to creative suggestions, as well as being willing to interact with the design process. This ultimately means that the kitchen has a little detail, interest and spark with a touch of individuality that makes it delightfully unique.

Tell us about the strangest kitchen request you’ve ever had? There’s nothing too irrational to report, unfortunately!

Do you have any top kitchen tips when re-designing or re-furbishing a kitchen? I would recommend keeping your colour palette simple. Don’t try to do too much with it, and avoid using too many textures. Colour-matching your walls to the cabinets can also work very well. It’s also important not to underestimate the value of planning. At Contour we can help you with this – but your input is the most important. And most of all, have fun! Most people only do this once every 20+ years. It’s your space for you to enjoy!