At Contour, we’re already thinking about what’s new in kitchen design for 2019. Our creative director, Rachael Burgess, has recently spoken to a multitude of regional publications including the Newcastle Journal, the Birmingham Mail, the Liverpool Echo, Leicester Mercury, the Gloucestershire Echo and more, to provide her top kitchen design tips for the coming year.


Rachael predicts that industrial style will remain very much in vogue over the next 12 months. Our showroom features concrete as one of the most popular finishes – and we’ll be pairing this with steel doors in our 2019 collection. Rachael also told how olive green is set to be one of 2019’s new colours – which pairs well with Northern American Hardwood. Veined worktops are also likely to continue in popularity – including quartz, composite and Corian. At Contour, our showroom includes Corian, Silestone, Dekton and Granit – high quality materials that give the kitchen a premium feel. Concealment, another popular trend, involves covering up appliances and kitchen equipment, allowing for a minimalistic and uncluttered finish.

The trend focused feature has been helpful in providing other kitchen design tips – based on predicted styles. Bold and interesting kitchens are also on the rise, with greys and darker blue shades still being widely used. These look great with clean, contemporary work surfaces and can be incorporated as part of a kitchen island, cabinetry or even appliances. Considering the use of space is important when deciding on colour palettes. If you have a larger space to work with, bolder and darker colours can work well – particularly in well-lit areas. For more enclosed spaces, vibrant shades for accessories, such as lighting and kitchen gadgets, tend to work well.

Lighter colour palettes are also likely to be an increasing trend, since they tend to make kitchen spaces appear larger. Many surfaces and textures reflect light and so, if using a light colour palette, this can really work to brighten the area. Furthermore, a blend of several light shades creates a sophisticated and relaxed environment. Contrasting colours, too, are set to see an increase in popularity, so this is a great opportunity to combine light and dark colour palettes.

Interesting textures are also a growing trend. 2019 will likely see a shift towards natural textures, colours and materials - including bronze, burnt brass and timber. Contrasting textures will add an interesting yet modern feel to the kitchen, with metal finishes softening industrial style kitchens.

Since the kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of the home and a place to socialise, islands remain ever popular. These are spaces where multiple people can cook together, or sit around and eat. It’s a good idea to an use an island as the focal point by adding in a  pop of colour or interesting textures. Islands and peninsulas are ideal places to socialise; so incorporating some comfortable bar stools and stylish furniture pieces such as  a wine cabinet is a good way to create an inviting space for guests.

Here at Contour, we’re passionate about combining the latest trends with your preferences to create a unique yet stylish area that’s right for you. Click here to see some of our previous projects. We’ve also featured in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine; see here for some more kitchen design tips.