The Contour showroom features a whole range of products supplied by luxury brands, such as Gaggenau, Leicht and Siemens. We like to use suppliers that produce high quality products, offer a highly efficient service and whose designs have innovation in mind. All the suppliers we work with are passionate about supporting the product user – an important part of our aftercare policy. We also ensure that all our suppliers’ products are made with superior materials so that we provide our customers with the highest quality materials and the longest-lasting appliances.

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Leicht, founded in 1928, is a furniture brand that we have chosen to incorporate in our kitchen showroom. It offers high quality cabinetry with designs that are stylish yet timeless, fitting in with our own visions here at Contour. We also like to use Dekton, Sensa Granit and Silestone surfaces in our showrooms, which are provided to us by Cossentino. These materials are of superior quality and are versatile in colour, adding a unique touch to the home. We work with Cossentino not only because it distributes distinctive, innovative worktops, but also because it’s always at the forefront of surface technology.

Gaggenau, one of the most premium brands we work with, prides itself on manufacturing products to an exceptional standard – and has been doing so since 1683. This is thanks to expert craftspeople carrying out quality control checks by hand for each and every product before they’re sold. This way, no imperfections can be missed before the product is installed into the kitchens of homeowners. With dishwashers that slide effortlessly back into the kitchen cabinet and customisable cooking tops, Gaggenau’s appliances are sleek and seamless, and can be tailored to fit your needs and preferences. These innovations are the closest you can find to professional cookware designed for the home. Gaggenau is also the first brand to create a steam oven for the domestic market.

We also choose to work with Siemens, another brand, whose products are kept up-to-date with the latest technology. This reflects Siemens’s goal of making cooking easier and faster for the user. Its products cleverly allow the user to control multiple appliances through Home Connect, which links appliances to the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Neff, another one of our quality suppliers, is renowned for creating products with easy functionality and exceptional customer service. Popular amongst home bakers, Neff products have been seen on cookery shows such as the Great British Bake Off which features their ‘hide and slide’ ovens; the doors of which intelligently slide underneath the product to save space – perfect for smaller kitchens, wheelchair users or people who simply wish to manoeuvre around their oven more easily.

Bora, renowned for its ability to create multifunctional gas and induction hobs, create sleek, minimalistic and ergonomic products that act as both a cook top and extractor in one. The Bora Venting Hobs achieve this effortlessly, meaning that there is no need for the user to install a bulky extractor. These venting hobs also help to keep the kitchen smelling fresh, eliminating odours as soon as they leave the pan.

Quooker is a brand that we are proud to work with, and which created the first tap to dispense boiling water at 100 degrees celsius. Dutch made and beautifully engineered, these taps eradicate risks associated with kettles. They also use much less energy, and so are more beneficial for the environment.

Our showroom showcases worktops and dining furniture manufactured by Danish designers, Spevka. Since being established in 1968, Spevka has become a leading worktop manufacturer which never distributes products that are anything short of high quality, taking pride in their craftsmanship. We particularly like Spevka worktops because they offer unique, natural surface textures that fit beautifully alongside our ethos of offering uncomplicated designs.

Ultimately, our suppliers’ values match ours, and this is why we’ve chosen to integrate their products into our showrooms.