With recent statistics revealing that the average UK kitchen is at its smallest size since the 1930s, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest factors affecting the design of any modern kitchen is space.


Yet by maximising small kitchen spaces and utilising all the available space, you can create the kitchen you desire. Even if you think your space is too limited, ensuring the correct layout is put in place can help to unlock its full potential.


Whether your kitchen is confined to a single wall, U-shaped, or tucked in a corner, if planned and executed properly, you will still be able to open a space that can be used for more than just cooking and eating. After all, the kitchen is the new living room; where family, friends and guests can come together relax and socialise.


Although some homeowners may feel their kitchen’s small space won’t be able to boast the functionality and comfort of a modern ‘multipurpose’ kitchen, quite the opposite is true.


Modern engineering has allowed for almost limitless height, width and depth options. If you marry this flexibility with the latest internal systems, you gain functionality that encompasses access, storage and loading. For example, extra tall wall cabinets with internal pull down shelving systems give easy access, maximum storage and allow for a far greater utilisation of vertical space than traditional cabinets.


Choosing integrated appliances with matching cabinetry and countertops will also create a minimalist kitchen that offers more space, while giving off a slick, attractive and streamlined appearance.


To further utilise space, you could consider installing ‘smart’ multipurpose appliances such as a compact steam oven, which combines all the heating modes of a full-featured oven with those of a steam oven. Other multipurpose and WiFi-enabled appliances such as smart washing machines, fridge freezers and worktops, are also great ways to converge furniture and save on space.


A lot of these appliances can even be connected though apps on smartphones, enabling you to free up space by controlling cooking and prepping times instantaneously, through just the touch of a button.


Overall, a small kitchen can become a hard-working and homely area that maximises practicality, without compromising on comfort or beauty. Just as with large kitchen spaces, you can carefully craft a practical and stylish design that converges to allow for a seamless, more streamlined lifestyle.


At Contour, our experienced designers will always listen to and work with customers to ensure they receive an elegant, bold design, unique to them.


As with any kitchen design, it comes down to quality over quantity and if you need help renovating your kitchen or starting from scratch, our bespoke designers will work to all shapes and sizes, all of which offer a space truly designed for living.