Here at Contour we’re huge advocates of the streamlined effect when it comes to kitchen design.


As you can tell from our past projects, many of our kitchen designs are sleek, handle-less and ergonomic, with an emphasis on functionality.


Given the kitchen is about far more than mere aesthetics – it’s a workspace where food is created, after all – keeping it streamlined aids with its practically, as it helps to remove any potential obstacles that could get in the way while cooking.


Taking that into consideration, although the visual appeal is a hugely important aspect of a kitchen, simply removing clutter can have a big impact on the practicality of a kitchen space. Cluttered sides and overflowing storage limits the working area. It’s not ideal when you remove a hot tray from the oven with one hand and are having to swipe things out of the way with the other to make the space to put it down.


An easy initial step to help facilitate more room is to remove any duplicates you might have. You may like quirky corkscrews, but do you really need three? You’ll only be using one to uncork wine at a time, after all, so feel free to remove the spares!


Additionally, what about the things that only have one function? A knife can do the work of all sorts of fancy utensils. Pineapple corers and melon slicers may seem like ingenious inventions, but multiple devices for multiple tasks soon leads to overflowing kitchens.


The most obvious place to focus on is the kitchen worktop (for the hot tray reason as mentioned above). Utilising storage space efficiently means you can keep much of your cooking equipment as well as foodstuffs out of sight, helping to 1) ensure the aesthetics of your kitchen are improved and 2) ensure the functionality is improved.


Think also of the ‘flow’ of your kitchen. Are the items that are needed in the right places? Many of our kitchens incorporate coffee making machines and instant hot water taps, but are the coffee cups in the nearby vicinity? It makes more sense to keep the cups above the coffee maker than having to hop across the kitchen to dig out a suitable mug. The same can be applied to cooking utensils – are they within easy reach of the hob? Allocating areas and creating ‘zones’ can help to ensure the space is properly utilised.


In the majority of kitchens, space is at a premium – especially the smaller designs, but even in larger plan kitchens, it’s essential that storage space is employed efficiently to make the most of what you have.


We work with high-end kitchen brands such as Leicht and with high-end appliance brands such as Gaggenau, both of which provide kitchen equipment that marries aesthetics with functionality.


Handle-less kitchens with hidden appliances provide sleek clean lines that epitomise the modern kitchen space. It’s an overall approach and style that we’re firm fans of. Of course, we’re happy to accommodate our customer’s vision but creating a streamlined effect is a sure way to add an instant wow factor to your kitchen while also making it welcoming and inviting – helping to reinforce its sense as a social hub, and not just as a culinary workspace.