It seems that Bora have come up with a clever solution to the unsightly, bulky extractor hoods that hang above cooking hobs. Bora’s venting hobs cleverly combine cooking with extraction to form a seamless and efficient appliance that both cooks you delicious meals and leaves your kitchen smelling fresh.

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You’ll no longer have to worry about steam rising up and spreading around the room; these venting hobs provide suction, so that all the steam produced from the cooking source is immediately drawn away. If you’re a glasses wearer, this is the dream appliance for you!

The venting hob causes vapours and odours to be eliminated at exactly the point that they are made; whether this be from pans, pots, roasters or grills. Sitting neatly beside or integrated into the hob, these minimalistic designs not only look stylish but are much more effective in drawing steam and grease particles away than extractor hoods, since they aren’t given the chance to escape.

The intelligent method of fluid mechanics has been used to create this innovation, whereby the crossflow from the ventilation acts faster than the speed of the cooking vapour. This means that steam and odours are removed before they have chance to spread around the room; the appliance works to trap the grease particles in the stainless steel grease filter.

The Bora Professional 2.0 is one of Bora’s cooking ranges. Winner of the 2017 Red Dot Award, these hobs provide a high-quality extractor, which is combined with extra-deep cooktops. Each hob is expertly designed, with minimalism and style always kept in mind. The addition of ventilation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love of cooking, as these hobs allow for two large pans to be used side-by-side at any one time, so cooking can be as adventurous as you wish. This modern cooktop also features a smart Control dial which enables the control of various functional programmes, including temperature display. The cooktop and extractor work collaboratively to execute flawless functionality.

For a more compact-sized hob, the Bora Basic is ideal for those looking for a smaller cooktop. Despite the reduction in size, there is still enough room for two large pans to sit beside each other – so you don’t have to compensate. These hobs also feature intelligent touch operation; a slick and modern aesthetic that makes cooking as simple as the swipe of a fingertip.

Bora cooktops are the solution for anyone looking for a polished yet dually functional kitchen appliance. With every care taken to create products that will both perform well and last a long time, Bora have used high-quality materials in their designs, with the likes of stainless steel and heavy-metal-free glass ceramic.

With a 100% clean-rate, these extractor hobs ensure that the air is left fresh throughout, and even after cooking. Cleaning is also as simple a process as cooking; all three removable parts fit easily inside a dishwasher. Cooking and cleaning with the Bora venting hobs transforms somewhat mundane tasks into enjoyable and efficient experiences, allowing you to swiftly carry on with your day.

Thinking of re-designing your kitchen? The Bora hobs are flexible and versatile, opening up a range of design opportunities. Whether you prefer to cook by a window, under eaves or on a peninsular or island, the Bora hobs can be placed almost anywhere – and you can be assured that no bulky extractor hoods will distract from the aesthetics of your kitchen.

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