Steaming, whilst certainly not a new cooking method, has several health benefits and produces better quality food. Now incorporated into ovens, a wider variety of foods can be cooked using this method, offering more versatility whilst also improving your health.


Steaming helps to retain the vitamins and minerals already present in the foods you are cooking – unlike heat. Not only this, steaming also helps to maintain the natural textures of foods, whilst retaining moisture, preventing them from drying out. A steam oven works by introducing water in a heated oven, which creates steam upon reaching boiling point. The steam then cooks the food, with the finished product retaining all of the original nutrients, textures and flavours. However, water only heats food up to the boiling point at which it reaches, meaning that food cooks more slowly this way. Additionally, cooking with steam alone can add too much moisture to certain foods.

The solution to this is the combi-steam oven, an intelligent combination of a typical convection oven that releases heat with a full steam oven. The result is an oven which releases steam to retain moisture and nutrients whilst circulating heat simultaneously to both speed up the cooking time and stop food from becoming too moist. The combi-steam ovens also allow for different dishes to be cooked at the same time, since they prevent the spreading of different aromas and flavours. The convection method offers a faster way of cooking, particularly for larger dishes. The combination of these two methods also allows for a vast range of cooking methods, and is ideal for people who like to steam their food whilst also being able to roast, grill and bake foods, with the circulated heat adding a golden brown finish to any meal.

The moisture added by the steam also provides the perfect environment for reheating leftovers. They can easily be dried out in the microwave or convection oven, since it will already have lost moisture. The combi-steam oven restores the moisture in left over foods, whilst heating them up adequately. Even in regular cooking, this reduces the need to add oil and seasonings, helping to make meals healthier.

The Gaggenau 400 combi-steam ovens, which we feature in our studio are plumbed into the mains, having the added bonus of running on a continuous water flow so there is no need to refill cartridges or empty the chamber after cooking. We also offer the Gagganau 200 series and Neff combi-steam ovens, which have a cartridge that holds water.

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