We see the kitchen as the heart of the home; the place where a family comes together to socialise and enjoy time together.


In the past, it was common to opt for a one size fits all approach – buying standard stock kitchens, merely adapted to suit your space. This meant that you often saw carbon copy kitchens, with next to no difference from one house to the next.


Times have moved on since then though, with people often looking to add their own personal touch to their kitchen space. Given its importance as a social hub, it makes sense to personalise your kitchen to reflect aspects of your personality.


Many of our clients like to add quirky features – we’ve seen spiral wine cellars for the connoisseur, an old staircase turned into a bookcase so as not to lose a rustic farm feel, and artwork incorporated into the colour scheme. There are plenty of options out there to add that personal touch.


Make use of colour – the majority of our kitchens are built on clean lines, and often handle less, giving them a sleek, streamlined finish. Adding a splash of colour to the kitchen scheme, be that with the seating, the walls, the lighting fixtures or even supplementary small appliances such as a stand out food mixer, really makes a difference in the overall style and feel of the space.


Add some art – as mentioned, some clients opt to use art as a complementary touch to their colour scheme or just the general theme. Art is an excellent way to give some insight into your personality (being a very subjective, personal medium), while also helping to reinforce a pleasant environment.


Lighting – again, touched on above, lighting furnishes you with further opportunities for personalisation. Not just the colour of the fixtures, but also the style – downlights, wall lights, stylish pendant lights, all can change the ambience and atmosphere of the space.


Create a personal space – breakfast bars are a common addition to many kitchen designs. It provides the opportunity for people to join you in the kitchen, helping to reinforce the element of a social hub, while also helping to prevent cooking becoming a lonely business.


A vintage touch – we mentioned the staircase turned into a bookcase above, and while this was a quirk particular to that specific project, you can still drop in vintage additions to personalise the space. We work with the latest in kitchen technology – including prestigious brands such as Gaggenau and Siemens – and often take a modern, ergonomic approach to our designs, but you can still drop in quirky kitchen gadgets and antiquated utensils, or even smaller aspects such as biscuit tins and crockery. It all depends on the vibe you want to create, which, after all, is what personalisation is all about.