When designing a new kitchen, one of the main aims should be to create a space that will last a long time – with regards to both aesthetics and functionality. In addition to being cost-effective, carefully planned and timeless designs will create long-term satisfaction for the user. Many designs from the early 20th century still remain in modern day kitchens; similarly, several designs that are on-trend today will remain stylish well into the future.


The 1920s saw the introduction of Butler sinks, which were originally designed for the Butler’s Pantry in order to better conserve water. Today, these sinks can still be seen in many kitchens, and have increased in depth to suit modern design. Although water supply is much less of an issue, they complement country-style cabinets beautifully – and are great for storing pots and pans that need to be washed up. Natural kitchen textures are also considered to be timeless, since nature is always going to be present. Taking inspiration from wooden and plant textures is a great way to incorporate biophilic design; flooring and cabinets with a wooden finish are great ways to integrate this.

Granite countertops, although a design trend of the past decade, are quickly fading out and are being replaced with composite and quartz finishes. These materials require less upkeep and are a less dominant feature – meaning that statements within the design are often expressed through items that can be easily changed, such as appliances. They also reflect more light, making the kitchen appear brighter. Timeless colour schemes include neutral shades, such as grey or pastel colours – and, of course, white. Integrating several bold colours has reduced in popularity over the years, and are now widely used as a single ‘statement’ wall or appliance colour.

Investing in high quality cabinetry is a must in timeless designs. As well as being cost-effective, your kitchen will maintain its quality finish over a longer period of time – which is key to creating a timeless kitchen. Keeping walls minimal is also essential, as cluttered walls make the kitchen appear smaller. Installing minimal units or turning up and over wall cabinets into uncluttered open shelving are great ways to ensure that your kitchen is kept clean and streamlined. Open shelving is a popular method of displaying aesthetically-pleasing crockery  and personal items, whilst bulkier pieces of equipment are often kept in closed drawers.

Making the most of natural light is something that we’re always going to strive for in kitchen design. Opting for glass doors is a great way to filter in light, and simultaneously make the kitchen appear larger. Open layouts have become increasingly popular over the years, combining the living and kitchen spaces to create a more interactive and informal atmosphere. This is likely to remain timeless, and increases versatility. Single-level islands are also set to remain on-trend, since they provide essential preparation space and assist in creating an informal kitchen design due to their ability to be used as an eating area.

At Contour, we can help you to create a kitchen that will always remain stylish – regardless of design trend changes. Creating timeless designs is at the heart of what we do, helping you to get the most out of our expert advice. To speak to one of our designers, please click here.